For over 15 years Stageworks has provided stageing, scenic manufacturing and engineering solutions for all manner of projects, throughout South Africa and all over the world.

We regularly work for clients in the event, entertainment and corporate communication industries.

With a combined management experience of over 50 years in the industry, we find we are capable of handling any size of project.

We have decades of experience in constructing stages of all sizes, shapes and complexities – from the most basic, to those with any number of add-ons and extra dimensions.

We often use a mix of stock staging and bespoke, creating whatever our clients want while giving them the most economical configuration or solution to their project’s requirements.

Often our stages are integrated with stock or automation features, such as our revolves.

Our crew are fully experienced in providing such integrated packages, or indeed in working alongside other contractors

Our joinery manufacturing capabilities cross a broad spectrum: from simple scenic flats to all manner of specialist scenic construction. Staging, treads and rostra through to exhibitions, shop fitting, furniture and custom shapes.

We can use the skills of our carpentry workshop to create intricate details finished by hand and to produce high-volume production runs.

Our metal fabrication capabilities provide a fully comprehensive range of services from machining individual components and manufacturing light gauge tubular structures, through to scenic construction and heavy gauge structures such as mezzanines and truss frames.

We work with all manner of materials from light gauge welded tube to heavy steel and platework.